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Gara Modular

This latest release in the Cressi Long Bladed fin range is here and it's all great news! At long last a wide foot pocket design that also has interchangeable fin blades from one of the most favourite spearfishing brands today; Cressi-Sub.  

Important to note: Cressi offer black and green blade edition; the black blades are stiffer and more powerful compared to the green blades. It is suggested that the green blade is more suitable for people under 85kg weight (green LD blade fins available in our product listing)

Descrition from Cressi-Sub:

An interchangeable blade which is very lightweight and reactive with a smart disign well-adapted for the most demanding of free-diving use.

  • Thanks to its specific and exclusive design, it’s more propulsive when passing through the leg-kick, giving an optimum power return through the blade.
  • The foot-pocket is very comfortable and forged with a composite material: soft rubber around the foot arch, and a rigid part along the sides and traction surfaces.
  • It’s ample foot pocket shape allows for wider feet and easily allows it to be worn with diving socks.
  • Blades and Foot Pocket are interchangeable allowing for blade upgrades (Eg: upgrade to Carbon Fibre).

Size selection notes:

  • All long bladed fins are worn with neoprene sox (also called booties). Even with Cressi's achievment in comfort using a blend of rubbers, blisters or rub can occur after extended use in the water. 
  • Long lasting quality foot pockets are made of sturdy compunds that will not stretch or "wear-in", even after years of use. If you accidently select a size too small or tight, try a thinner sox or return them before use for a larger size. A slightly loose fit is ideal to ensure no discomfort during extended use. Please use the size guide below.

Size Guide Chart:
Cressi Sub GARA MODULAR size chart (guide).
The way this chart works:   Your shoe size  +  3mm Sox   Foot-Pocket Size
Testimony and survey summary: Cressi Sub Modular foot pockets are the latest Cressi pocket. They are suitable for wider foot shapes and highly recommended as a foot pocket choice if wishing to pair with aftermarket Carbon Fibre or Similar composite blades. 
Shoe size (Aust/UK)
Shoe size (EUR)
Shoe size (US)
3mm Neoprene Sox
Foot-Pocket Size
5 - 6.5
38 - 40
6 - 7.5
40/41 (7-8)
7 - 8
40.5 - 42
8 - 9
42/43 (8-9)
8 - 9.5
42 - 44
9 - 10.5
Med / Large
44/45 (10-11)
9.5 - 12
10.5 - 12
Large / X-Large
46/47 (12-13)

User care tips so you can get the longest life out of your fins:

- Store out of direct sunlight
- Avoid over-flexing blades or any of the following:
  • Standing in fins by the waters edge allowing a wave to rush past bending blades sharply upward
  • Walking in fins
  • Jumping flat-footed into water with fins on

Technical info (dimensions):

Size: Total fin length: Width: Height: Weight single fin
40/41 82cm 21.5cm 8 cm 970gm
42/43 90cm 21.5cm 9 cm 1020gm
44/45 91.5cm 22cm 9.5 cm 1070gm
46/47 92.5 cm 22cm 9.5 cm 1165gm

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