Salvimar Voodoo Atlantis Speargun
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Salvimar Voodoo Atlantis Speargun has an aluminium barrel with continuous rail and an open muzzle for maximum power and balance. 

The barrel is made in a top grade aeronautical aluminium alloy with high mechanical performance protected by a blue anodised finish, with added strength from the shoulders of the rail. It is made watertight by double o-rings on the handle and muzzle. 

The Atlantis is fitted with a Salvimar Wired 8mm 17.4ph hardened shaft with a rest tab and three unique open wired loading tabs, and a heavy duty 85mm flopper. Triple 14mm circular rubbers gives added power for open or blue water hunting of larger fish. An innovative Break away┬Ł device is included as standard on all Atlantis Spearguns.
Dyneema bridles for easier handling and multiple loading. 

Built in reel mount, reel is optional. 

The sternal support can be easily removed, even in the water. 

The redesigned Salvimar handle features a reverse style mechanism which provides an extra 10cm of shaft travel relative to barrel length. For the optimum in user adjustability, the trigger run has a micro-mechanical adjustment to alter release point. 

Comes with clear mono-filament shooting line attached to the breakaway device. 


  • Continuous rail and open muzzle
  • Shimmering blue anodised finish
  • Salvimar 8mm wired shaft with heavy duty flopper
  • Triple 14mm rubbers
  • Dyneema bridles
  • Break Away system built in
  • Reverse stainless mech
  • Removable sternal support
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle
  • Stainless steel dynamic line release right or left option
  • Safety lock and micro adjustable trigger
  • Open shaped muzzle for non-crossing of rubbers
  • Lowered butt for better vision
  • Comes with 1.9mm black mono, crimps & pigtail for rigging
  • Perfect bluewater large fish speargun

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