Omer Zero Mask

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Revolutionary free diving mask with an exclusive look created in cooperation with renowned automotive high-performance powerhouse MOMO of Italy for additional design input.

The main feature of this mask is the field of vision, which is almost completely non-impaired. The field of vision is 30% higher, compared to a classic free diving mask such as the Alien. This gives you a great advantage in spearfishing situations where judging distance or getting a glimpse of a fish can mean all the difference.

The internal volume is so low that if a mask like the Alien is normally equalised starting at 25-30' depth, the ZERO3 doesn't require clearing before a depth of 60' (18 metres). This makes for much more comfortable spearfishing, particularly at depth.

Every detail on this mask has been conceived keeping in mind its design and functionality. The mask skirt features some milled surfaces that prevent the refraction of sunlight and make clearing easier, and gloves do not slip when you hold the nose. The finish of the skirt, which has a carbon fibre appearance, was designed specifically to avoid glare.


  • Designed with MONO of Italy
  • Exceptional vision: clarity and field
  • Low internal volume: you don’t have to equalise until 18m
  • Milled surfaces for easy clearing

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