Cressi Impulse Fins
A stunning new fin from Cressi. Our new favorite!


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The new blade has an incredible resistance to any type of shock, impact or stress, making it almost impossible to break accidentally. The best quality plastic we have seen.

"Roidine" Tail design improves control and directionality over the fin, and our anti-slip water rails prevent water flow from escaping perpundicular to the kick direction.

The self adjusting footpocket is constructed with the most modern multi compound joining process to deliver a footpocket that can offer fantastic comfort around the foot where desired and yet have stiffer compounds under the footpocket and heel area where power transfer takes place. we  strongly suggest to use it with neoprene socks in order to have a proper fit, stop blisters and help with warmth. For use without neoprene socks, we recommend to buy one smaller size.

Included is the new Gara Modular Insole. The new insole for Gara Modular fins is recommended for use with thin boots or looser fits in temperate waters, because it improves the kick performance. They can also assist with user comfort. Thee semi-rigid material of the insole is made from completely recycled material. The insoles are supplied as a pair (right and left foot) and can be cut into their shape in three different sizes, according to pre-printed guidelines.

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